Jun 17, 2011

Achy Hearts

Heart aching,
Sadness looming,
A moment most undesired,
It's time to be departed,
From all my precious,
Oh how my heart crushes,
Till we meet again soon,
I luv u 4eva, come sun, come moon.

For that...

For the lose of control; anger,
I did with the smallest of trigger,
For the lack of grace; hatred,
They deserve it, yet I'm still bothered,
For the want of consent; hypocrisy,
These loathsome actors all around me,
Thus for need of relief; here's my admission;
I've learned a lot from the grim incident,
I've learned the traits of true comrade,
N that winnings & glory, they don't correlate.

Bitter Bile

Feelin bitter,
Won't make u feel better,
Holding grudge,
Ur problems enlarged,
Forgiveness is key,
Cos only then u'll see,
There's just too much beauty,
In this world for u n me,
So dont waste ur time,
Forgiveness doesn't cost a dime,
Yet grudges and bitterness,
Only give u trouble n sadness

Bitter Aint Better

Feelin bitter,
Won't make u feel better,
Holding grudge,
Ur problems enlarged,
Forgiveness is key,
Cos only then u'll see,
There's just too much beauty,
In this world for u n me,
So dont waste ur time,
Forgiveness doesn't cost a dime,
Yet grudges and bitterness,
Only give u trouble n sadness

God Gave

God gave us burdens,
Also with that shoulders.
Thus, I say with confidence,
Be it tears, be it laughters,
They're all parts of d regiments,
En route of me joinin d betters.

Amidst em All

Amidst all of this craziness,
There's a feeling of void n emptiness,
I'm yearning for a pair of loyal ears,
That wud listen 2 my thought n rambles,
Dreaming for a voice that i wud miss,
That wud sooth my feelin n bring me bliss.
God help me 2 b strong n courageous,
Till d day You guide me my missing pieces.

Aint Terrible

If every challenge's a trouble,
Then surely life is terrible.
Just think that every mountain's conquerable,
Only then u'll realise, nothing's impossible...

Sorry... miss u...

Tryin to build the momentum up,
As usual, weekend's my time to catch up,
With all d works that keep building up,
But it doesn't mean I'll ever give up.
To friends and families, my apologies to u,
For keepin mum, and 4 not contactin too,
But u guys r always in my thoughts, it's true...

Dont Bother

Friday's here,
My week's x over,
Continuously suffer,
Endless torture,
There, here, far n near.
Im no quitter, dont bother,
Dont b so eager, to see me surrender


To all of YOU, enjoy your weekend,
make sure u make use of all that u can,
be wise with the time u have in ur hand,
Make sure u remember ur family n friends,
Then you'll be happier, n life wud b a lot less tensed..


Thank you for all the troubles;
U made me go thru endless terribles.
U stomped on me, U made me struggle.
U sneered at my works, made me look little.
But I'm still here, never better, never stronger,
Thanks 2 U, now I know, I'm no mere survivor,
I am much better than U, I am a fighter,
And now I'm even happier than ever,
Cos U made me realise finally,
How special I am really! :)


T he place,
O ne and only,
N estled amidst wilderness,
G reen and panoramic,
O f natural beauty,
D elightful.


Amidst the hustle n bustle,
With a lot in mind, a lot to settle,
Don't lose sight of your own dream,
No matter how far outta reach it may seem...


i'm not strong enough today,
as d strong will not sway,
I should've kept my cool,
n not argue with the fool,
cos I know I'm better than that,
maybe that's why, u see me as a threat...

Think of me

if u r sad,
or just plain mad,
or somehow unhappy,
and feeling rather gloomy,
just take a moment to think of me,
of the joy we've had and d beautiful memory...

Flailingly Failing

First day of teaching,
Already feels like derailing,
Oh I dreaded this pessimist feeling,
Dear God give me strength, dont leave me flailing..

The Meeting

The meeting's still on,
It's almost six,
I can't keep up,
It's makin me weak...

come on squeak squeak squeak...
tht sound sure makes ppl tick
hence the meeting will end quick..
what ya waitin for, now squeak!

The meeting ended just minutes ago,
Thank god for Maghrib or else it wudn't b so,
I walked in full of hope, out full of sorrow,
God, o god, give me strength, raise me from down low...

Biar Baru

Berdentum dentam irama duit dibakar,
Meriah dirai, riuh rendah, hingar bingar,
Buatku tertanya perlukah semua ini dilakar,
Demi menanda jejak tahun baru nan segar,
Seharusnya tahun baru membuat kita sedar,
Bahwa inilah peluang untuk kita memadam calar,
Menggilap diri, menyuci hati, memupuk sinar,
Agar perkasa zahir, mulia batin, tiada tercabar.

Better Year

Opportunity comes,
Full of hope n desire,
Gone are the past,
Dont let the regret torture,
Nor the vanity nurture.
Let us promise 2 strive,
And aim for d better

Bliss in Peace

Feels like,
Walking on clouds,
At ease, in peace,
Happily in bliss,
I know i'll surely miss,
To feel just like this...

Fly by...

days passed by,
wasted away,
o how time flies,
I wish I could stay,
u are my smile,
that's all I can say..

Hijrah 1432

Indah terlafaz, diukir payah,
Jelas termaktub coretan sirah,
Rencana diatur, azam direncah,
Akan kuatkah diri merubah,
Hati disuci, memperkukuh aqidah...


I've lost my heart a while ago,
been desperately searching high and lo,
but now I've found it, i'm terribly glad,
cos here back home is where my heart at...

Elephant's Memory

Once there was a little baby elephant,
sad and alone, just like an orphan.
He was trapped, in one big circus.
He was weak and really helpless.
His four legs, tied thoroughly tight,
couldn't escape, even with all his might.

Four ropes tied to four stakes so firmly,
hammered to the ground, really sturdy.
But he didn't give up he kept on struggling,
till after a year, he finally stopped trying.

Years passed by, he's no longer a baby,
He grew up big, so strong and healthy.
The ropes were now tied just loose, really!
And the stakes were no longer, planted firmly.

But because he has elephant's memory,
his mind tells him he couldn't break free.
If only he would try, and move forward a bit,
He'll realise he's wrong, then he can succeed.

Dec 1, 2010


When I was 5 and wild,
I hate bein treated like a child,
keep on hoping to be 27,
so it'll be easier to get even.
But Mom told me,

"be joyful N happy,

as you'll realise eventually,
this is the happiest time, you'll see"
...I thought she's bluffing, as it seemed to me,
It's the adult who're happy truly,

as they seemed to be free,
unlike the 5 years old me,
who's to get permission,
even just to pee.

I realised now after so long,
Mom's right and I was wrong.


My sacrifice,
Never seem suffice,
After a while I realise,
Not to just see with my bare eyes,
And believe that dreams can be realised


Three years, 

Of sweats and tears, 

Loneliness and fears, 

Yet i'm still here, it appears. 

As i haven't given up, 

I'm yet to fill the half-empty cup...

Black Holes

it's hard to live amidst negativity,
like a black hole sucking life outta me,
I prefer to think positively,
cos hatred's a bore, and confrontation's an enemy,
you might say i'm a pushover, but at least i'm happy,
...and that's one thing, you could never take away from me...

Often said

Often we say,
Nobody knows, 

no one'd understand,
So is there any way,
for d pain to be mend


mendamba sebuah resolusi,
perlu diiring dengan revolusi.
merangka sebuah revolusi,
perlu gigih, berani, berinovasi.

...Lantas kupohon padamu tuhan,
berikan aku segunung kegigihan,
Kekalkan padaku selangit keberanian,
Anugerahkanku ilham selautan.

Kerna sungguh aku mahu,
menjadi pendidik unggul nan jitu.
Walau masih di luar genggamku,
Belum berakhir citaku itu...


seakanku tenggelam,
kesunyian mencengkam,
sepiku terbungkam,
rasa nan tak terselam,
di sudut mendalam,
biarlah kupendam...

worried sick for them.
Yet, they don't seem to care...
But God, don't punish them,
...for they're young and naive.
And don't torment them,
bcos of my negligences,
as this might as well be,
the turning point...

it's been three years,
of laughters and tears.
I hope I've taught you enough,
But that'd be a plain bluff.
...I know I could've done better,
I'd say, to be human is to err.
So let's hope you'll study hard,
Give it your best shot and think smart.
Let's pray to God that u'll succeed,
Cos I know u all r deserving indeed...

For fun

easier said than done,
when u r x d 1 asked to run.
you can judge me any way u want,
n that'd make u a friend just 4 fun.

Life is...

we exist in its entity,
a cycle of unpredictables,
a moment that seems so tasty,
in a flash turns unpalatables,
today is a fresh fruit so juicy,
...yesterday's a rotten vegetables,
Life's no bowl of royal delicacy,
Just a pile of fortune and troubles...

Grateful for Thee

Am grateful eternally,
for the beings who love me,
They laugh whenever I joke, Generously,
They smile in my presence, Genuinely,
They make me feel 'un-alone' and happy,

They acknowledge even my smallest deed, appreciatively...

And for those reasons, hear this from me,
Even when life has ended, i'll 4ever love thee...


only I could really fix this,
I'll give up my life 4 their bliss,
if only I could actually fix that,
I'll give up my future 4 d 1 they shud've had,
...but I'm nothin but one of their saplings,
What I can do now is make them proud of my being...

Syawal 2010

Gema takbir meriah suasana,
mencuit gembira berpilin hiba,
Sebulan ujian ditempuh bermakna,
Menjadi pengukur taqwa si hamba.
Rindu dihati tidak bersua,
...Sempadan jarak memisdah kita,
Namun kini dihari bahagia,
Tulus ingatan ikhlas ditinta.
Syawal bertamu mengundang fitrah,
Barakah yg ada manfaatlah sebaiknya,
Ampunkan segala silap dan salah,
Termakan terminum halalkan adanya.


Sunday in Tongod at 5 am,
At around 8 then Sandakan I claim,
Last midnight to lcct I came,
Finally today i'm back home again.


Shop till drop,
Spend till bend,
Splurge all urge,
With all the temptation,
I'll be out of moderation.

a not so good piece...

songs of the crickets,
enveloping this sleepy night,
but i'm still here with no regrets,
eventhough I'm all alone with no delight,
...cos at least I'm done with all the debts,
and I'll be free at least for a fortnight,
Tomorrow i'll be out of this green blankets,
On my way to catch my anticipated flights...

Who we are...

It's easy,
to forget who we are,
to lose sight of our useful repertoire,
cos amidst the neverending piles of papers,
and endless noises of empty-headed "leaders",
...We let ourselves sink down and drowned,
We fell into routines on baseless ground,
Let's wake up and shine up to expectation,
Before we end up killing the future generation,
Let's prove to the world that this is indeed,
an honourable profession...

Ramadhan 2 Zaman

Hari-hari dalam Ramadhan yang berlalu,
Sudah kini kuberada dipenghujungmu,
Rasa hiba menerjah, bertamu di kalbu,
...Beza antara Ramadhan dua zaman,
Bulan yang sama, natijahnya berlainan,
Ramadhan dulu cemerlang gemilangan,
Mukminin berjasa di awal zaman,
Ramadhan kini malang dipinggirkan,
Muslimin berdosa di akhir zaman.

Aug 29, 2010

Bertamu di Sandakan...

Hari Ahad hujung minggu,
Berjalan aku di pasar tamu,
Melihat manusia berpusu-pusu,
Tawar menawar tidakpun jemu,

Lantas terdetik dalam hatiku,
Mengapa keinginan sukar dibelenggu,
Waima tika Ramadhan sedang berlagu,
Saat Iblis dan Syaitan tiada walaupun satu,
Tjawab sendiri akhirnya pertanyaanku,
Tatkala terlihat seutas jam bertali biru,
Kita manusia; punyai hawa nafsu,

Acapkali tewas degan hasutannya itu,
Lantaran bersamalah kita ingat selalu,
Bukan semua yang dimahu itu selalu perlu...


I'm not all morbid and whiny,
Nor am I all gleeful and shiny,
Perfection hasn't always been with me,
but I'd like to consider myself worthy,
of being a friend, a trusted company,
As each of you make my life lot less lonely...

To confront...

I hate confrontation,
and I hate even more, alienation,
thus, I wore on me all smily mask,
regardless of how I despise a given task,
regardless of how much hatred I harbour,
even when all I get is my own sweats and labour...


the first day of the week,
but the body's still tired and weak,
wish there's a part in me i could tweak,
to pump me up and not feel so bleak,
O monday, monday, u make me meek...


adventures create my personality,
adversities enhance my creativitiy,
adversaries build my tenacity,
hence I'll always be,
the person I'm meant to be...

pray for me please,
may u n me b in bliss,
prey on me please not,
N 4ever we'll b in each other's thought :)


2nd version. 

Adventure is the pillar of personality,
adversity is the source of creativity,
...adversary is the root of tenacity.
'tis, hence, I'll always be,
the person I'm meant to be...



Yesterdays, I yearned for tomorrows,
Little did I know that it'll come with sorrows,
With plentiful of hurts and miseries that still grows...

Rhymes of friends...

I have a friend named Izza, 
She's a bit emotionally bizarre, 
I'd compare her to a piece of pizza,
Every bite strikes u with different flava.
Befriending her is an exciting adventure, 
And a dear friend indeed she are, 
There's just no one like my lovely IZZA... 
hope u r happeeya :p 
She's really into photography,
 and I can assure you her pics ain't never shabby, 
Always bringing up the best in me, 
Honesty is truly her best policy, 
She's my treasurd fren, ZABBY

There's this one petite n gorgeous lady,
She looks so kind and act so gently,
but beneath that smile lies a mistery,
only her closest friends will agree with me,
that her laughter is hilariously crazy,
...and judge a book by it's cover u shud not be,
cos often she's a terror and she acts violently,
bumps and bruises are the evidence on me,
But dont you worry my violent lady,
I will always be ur friend o Dd,
In good times in bad times we'll always be,
Forever the bestest friends since NZ...
and by the way, i'm just kiddin', okie dokie?


work and never tire,
in ease and in dire,
let's hope i'll not expire,
before gotten what I aspire...


is but a fallen warrior,
seasoned with sweats and tears,
calloused by cruelties and tortures...

My first short poem...

an empty shell,
cold, hard and hollow,
insignificantly meaningless,
melancholically full of sorrow...

Sep 26, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Hadirmu sahabat menyulam indah,
Pahit dan manis bersama diredah,
Walau kini jauh terpisah,
Memori lalu tergubah indah,

Terkadang kataku ada yang salah,
Mengguris hati mengundang gundah,
Terkadang lakuku tidak semenggah,
Membikin pusing mengundang amarah,

Sepuluh jari kususun pasrah,
Memohon ampunan silap dah salah,
Semoga kita kembali fitrah,
Tatkala Syawal datang menjengah.

Sep 13, 2009


Insan, Nasia,
Lupa, Alpa, Leka,
Lumrah tercipta fitrahnya,
Adam dan khuldi selembar ingatan,
Hatta kini jadi warisan,
'Akli diberi, buat rencana durjana,
Kudrat dianugerahi, bikin saudara sengsara,
Rakus mengejar yang tak terkejar,
Asyik mengumpul yang tak terkumpul.

Sudah terlalu lama,

Qalbu penuh dinodai nista,
Jasad zulmat bergelumang dosa,
Minda jumud mengagung iblis celaka,
Hidup terbelenggu dalam limpahan murka-Nya,

Apalagi yang kau tunggu?
Tika sihat bertukar sakit?
Tika lapang menjadi sempit?
Tika kaya ditimpa papa?

Tika muda menjebak tua?
Atau, tika terpamit panggilan Izrail?
Lewat, terlewat sudah tika itu,
Tertutup sudah catatan Raqib,
Usai sudah rentetan Atib,
Mizan di mahsyar pastinya perit.

Tujuilah sirat yang lurus,
Laluilah dengan qalbu yang tulus,
Lafaz istighfar jangan putus,
Amal ibadah dijaga terus,
Amal nan mungkar dihindar harus,
Moga nasuha kita terpahat kukuh.

27 Syaaban 1426
01 Oktober 2005


Jan 17, 2006

If  you  care,
be my friend,
If  you  dare,
be my enemy,
But   at   last,
we will still be,
the same pathetic ungrateful beings,
Walking  on  the  same  dirts,
Breathing  the  FOC  air,
  and we tend to forget,
What   we   give,
we   get  back.
 so,   watch
out   ur


Tanpa rasa yang benar pasti,
aku kumpulkan koleksi,
Semuanya masih baru.
Aku ada cita-cita besar!
Akan tetapi,
kita serahkan itu pada Tuhan,
Kuharap pada yang datang membaca,
tinggalkan komen sebagai nota.
Agar dapat kubuat pedoman,
Menghasil karya yang lebih mapan.
Di sini aku bermula,
Takkan disini berakhirnya,
Moga dengan sokongan bantuan,
akan kuberjaya menggapai kejayaan,
Mencipta karya,
memenuhi impian.